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Java Bean

There is lot more beyond getters and setters for a java bean to summarise.

1) setters and getters- general properties
2) persistance just like normal objects, even beans have their own persistance api to save and retreive beans which internally uses ObjectOutputStream.
There are some classes in beans api which let you do this
3) listener-event model:when ever there is change in bean properties listeners can be notified

Say the bean has properties
Types of bean properties
a) The notified listeners can veto the change in the bean properties ( Constrained)
b) when ever a property changes there can be another property which is dependant on this this is (bound)so when ever there is change in property the one which is bound is notified about the change
c)( simple properties) no notification onli the property is changed
d) indexed - has range of values like in array

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