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What is SmallTalk?

  • Smalltalk is an pure object-oriented, dynamically typed, reflective programming language.
  • In this every thing is an object .
  • Here every thing will be performed by sending as messages.
  • Small and uniform language
    •     Syntax fits on one sheet of paper  
  •  Large library of reusable classes Basic Data Structures, GUI classes, Database Access, Internet, Graphics
  • Advanced development tools
    • Browsers, GUI Builders, Inspectors, Change Management Tools, Crash Recovery Tools, Project Management Tools
  • Interactive virtual machine technology
    • Truly platform-independent
  • Team Working Environment
    Releasing, versioning, deploying.

  • We will see how a simple, uniform object model enables live, dynamic,interactive software development.
                                      You do not have to know everything!!! 

Try not to care — Beginning Smalltalk programmers often have trouble because they think they need to understand all the details of how a thing works before they can use it. This means it takes quite a while before they can master
                             Transcript show: ‘Hello World’.

  • Here in virtual machine all the Objects exist in a persistent image [+ changes]
  • It is an Incremental compilation 

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