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Pharo programming environment

Smalltalk and modern graphical interfaces were developed together
Let us see all  the main tools in Pharo:

  • The Browser is the central development tool.we can use it to create,define, and organize your classes and methods. Using it you can also navigate through all the library classes.In this all the classes and methods are contained in the image.
  •  The Message Names tool is used to look,all the methods with a particular selectorwith a substring.
  •  The Method Finder tool is also same like msg name tool
  •  The Monticello Browser is the starting point for loading code from, and saving code in, Monticello packages.
  • The Process Browser provides a view on all of the processes (threads) executing in Smalltalk.
  • The Test Runner lets you run and debug SUnit tests,
  • The Transcript is a window on the Transcript output stream, which is useful for writing log messages .
  • The Workspace is a window into which you can type input. It can be used for typing Smalltalk
    expressions and executing them as do it s. 
  • The Debugger has an obvious role, when compared to other programming lang..Smalltalk you can program in the debugger. The debugger is
    not launched from a menu; it is normally entered by running a failing test,
    by typing CMD–. to interrupt a running process, or by inserting a self halt
    expression in code. 


  1. It's also vital to take into proper coding. Have some document scanning services ready as well.

  2. I don't see any electronic document management feature. I think you need that one too to save files and codes.


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