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Caused by: org.drools.CheckedDroolsException : Service Mix Drools

The default template generated by the maven for service mix drools su has some errors like

Caused by: org.drools.CheckedDroolsException: There were errors in the rule source:

Rule Compilation error : [Rule name=Unspecified id, agendaGroup=MAIN, salience=0, no-loop=false]
org/apache/servicemix/drools/ (8:292) : in cannot be resolved

it says in Cannot be resolved, the way the default router.drl was generated needs to be corrected,

to access the in Message it has to be prefixed with “$” so it should be $in

rule "Route to target1"
me : Exchange( status == Exchange.ACTIVE, $in : in != null )
eval( $in.xpath("/bar:test/@id = 1") )
jbi.route( "bytes::file_sender1" );

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