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SOA composite

SOA Composite Application: is an assembly of services, components, wires deployed together as a single application
Binding Components Connectivity between soa composite and external world.

Service Binding : incoming
Reference Binding: out going
Service Infrastructure Internal message transport
Service Engines Host the business logic or processing rules of the service components
UDDI and MDS services are stored in MDS and published in UDDI
SOA Archive its a deployment unit.
Wires connect all the above components

Oracle SOA suite components

  • Soa Service Infrastructure : provides routing mechanism and facilitates data flow.
  • Oracle Mediator : used to configure routing services and define rules for them, routes,validates,filters and transforms.
  • Oracle Adapters: is a way to integrate transport protocols like BAM,FTP,JMS,AQ,Files,MQ
  • Business Events and Events Delivery Network:  used to raise events when needed, the definition of events are stored in MDS
  • Oracle Metadata Repository: stores things like the routing rules,xslt,xsd,wsdl etc in the db.
  • Oracle Business Rules : enables routing messages, routing assignments these are stored in  MDS
  • Oracle WSM Policy Manager: provides message level security policies, signing, encryption,                                         
             authentication and role based access , it also collects stats about quality uptime etc.
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager: Assembles discrete processes( sync and a-sync services ) into and end to end process flow.
  • Human Workflow : used to configure human involvement in the work flow like approval, exception handling and performing activities.
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring: Monitors business process/services in real time,analyze events, trends etc
  • Oracle User Messaging Service: enables sending messages from the user to application and application to user.
  • Oracle B2B: exchange of messages between and enterprise and its partners.
  • Oracle JDeveloper: enables developers to model, create, discover, assemble, orchestrate, test, deploy, and maintain
             composite applications based on services.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager: is used to configure, monitor and manage a SOA composite application.
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Eclipse and tomcat out of memory

Open launch configuration and add the following to the VM arguments.


-Xms768m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m

Web Services

Web Service: a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.
the interface (contract) of communication is called WSDL.

Web Services Architecture

Service Registry:An registry which maintains the list of service providers.
Service Provider:The one which provides the service.
Service Requestor: The one which requests the service which is the client.
the service requestor or the client sends a SOAP request in an HTTP/SNMP/UDP packet and at the service provider
side the SOAP request is extracted from the packet and interpreted.
Top – Down / Bottom Up Approaches
In top-down approach wsdl is written first and then the java code is generated and implemented.
in bottom-up approach java code is written first and then the wsdl is generated for the same.
Web services with eclipse
eclipse plugin to install: axis2-eclipse-codegen-plugin
downlaod and extract to plugins folder of eclipse.
WSDL- web services description Language.
Parts of a WSDL
  1. Service : is a collection of network endpoints, or ports.
  2. Binding : the communication protocol used along with the data format specification.
  3. Port Type :collection of abstract operations.
  4. Messages : the data being exchanged.
  5. Types       : has the data types used by the web service.
  6. Operation : description of the operation supported by the service.
  7. Port : endpoint which is a combination of a binding port and a network address
wsdl structure looks like this.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<wsdl:message name="messageName">
<wsdl:portType name="portName">
<wsdl:binding name="soapBinding" type="impl:portTypeName">
<wsdlsoap:binding style="document" transport=""/>
<wsdl:service name="serviceName">    
<wsdl:port binding="soapBinding" name="HelloWorld">

WSDL supports four types of operations { one-way , request-response , solicit-response , notification }
<soap:binding transport indicates the protocol used for sending the soap request
http,snmp,smtp,ftp etc.
Hello world web services using Eclipse and axis2 plug in.
  1. create a new project with name HelloWebService
  2. write a simple Java Class
    public class HelloImpl {
    // says hello
    public String sayHello() {
    return "Hello world";
    // adds two numbers
    public int addNumbers(int a, int b) {
    return a + b;

  3.  Right click on the above class file, select –> Web Services –> Create Web Service
  4. and select test Service from the panel, which will create the webservice as well as test the service.
  5. the server runtime can be used to select the application/web server and click next.
6. Select the methods of the java class to be exposed as webservice operations in this case , sayHello and addNumbers operations
7. Start the server clicking the start button in the next window and then click next.
8. click next and Finish, which will open the Web services Explorer

Take JVM Heap Dump

JVM will generate the heap dump when there is OutOfMemory Error when the following option is used.


the dump file will be generated at user home dir.

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