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Oracle SOA suite components

  • Soa Service Infrastructure : provides routing mechanism and facilitates data flow.
  • Oracle Mediator : used to configure routing services and define rules for them, routes,validates,filters and transforms.
  • Oracle Adapters: is a way to integrate transport protocols like BAM,FTP,JMS,AQ,Files,MQ
  • Business Events and Events Delivery Network:  used to raise events when needed, the definition of events are stored in MDS
  • Oracle Metadata Repository: stores things like the routing rules,xslt,xsd,wsdl etc in the db.
  • Oracle Business Rules : enables routing messages, routing assignments these are stored in  MDS
  • Oracle WSM Policy Manager: provides message level security policies, signing, encryption,                                         
             authentication and role based access , it also collects stats about quality uptime etc.
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager: Assembles discrete processes( sync and a-sync services ) into and end to end process flow.
  • Human Workflow : used to configure human involvement in the work flow like approval, exception handling and performing activities.
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring: Monitors business process/services in real time,analyze events, trends etc
  • Oracle User Messaging Service: enables sending messages from the user to application and application to user.
  • Oracle B2B: exchange of messages between and enterprise and its partners.
  • Oracle JDeveloper: enables developers to model, create, discover, assemble, orchestrate, test, deploy, and maintain
             composite applications based on services.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager: is used to configure, monitor and manage a SOA composite application.
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  1. Thanks for this concrete layout for the SOA architecture. I will take it from here and conduct a research.


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