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A Simple usage of PIG

  1. To Analyze large sets of data we need to use PIG
  2. High-level language for expressing data analysis programs (PIG latin)
  3. Pig's infrastructure layer consists of a compiler that produces sequences of Map-Reduce programs
  4. It can be extended using other languages like java js etc.

pig -x mapreduce
A = load '/user/cloudera/passwd' using PigStorage(':');
B = foreach A generate $0, $4, $5;
dump B; 

The above code prints the columns in etc/passwd file of the local system.
Thanks to the course for the intro.

Other resources to learn about PIG in detail


Simple way to remember this

SQltohadOOP : To import SQL data into HDFS

Hive and Impala both can read data from HDFS

Impala Executes by using MapReduce where as Hive runs parallel queries massively.

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